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Tom Cruise Will be Officially Shoted Into Space …For A Movie!!!

In October 2021 Tom Cruise And director Doug Liman are set to travel on the great beyond.

Tom Cruise Will be Officially Shoted Into Space ...For A Movie!!!
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It is mostly official that Tom Cruise Will be heading to outer space in a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. At the time when the manifest lists an empty spot for another guest, Details came from the ‘Space Shuttle Almanac’ was suggested that the pilot named Michael Lopez Alegria will be taking them to space.

SpaceX of Elon Musk will be representing Axiom Space, supplying the rocket and coordinating the mission at the same time.

Axiom, founded in the year 2016, wants to be the first company in the world for creating a ‘commercial space station’ with attaching its modules to the international space station.

The movie which will be producing in the collaboration of SpaceX and NASA, Jurassic World Studio Universal will be paying $200 million for the film.

The director who will be directing the space movie had worked before with Tom Cruise in the movies Edge of Tomorrow and American Made.

Tom is always known for his stunts that he does by his own, but going in space to create a space movie will be the most incredible stunt.

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