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“TRANSGENDER Is Not a Big Part For DIVORCE” Caitlyn Jenner Says

The former Olympian, Caitlyn Jenner said there are many bigger issues out there …including, Kim’s hilarious reaction on learning her new name.

"TRANSGENDER Is Not a Big Part For DIVORCE" Caitlyn Jenner Says

She said being Transgender is not a big part of the divorce, but she keeps on saying it wasn’t very least after 23 years, an underlying factor in the dissolution of her marriage with Kris Jenner.

On Rob Lowe’s Podcast, Literally! Caitlyn said “There were so many other bigger issues out there”.

However she concede that,

“because of my frustration with myself I might have been a little bit shorter with her, you know, near the end.”

Caitlyn also said included that they were very calm and realizing where they are. “I know it’s not working. You know it’s not working,” She said to him. She also asked Kris to find an immediate house for her and Kris offered to help her with a perfect house.

As she worked through her transitions, the Former Olympian mentioned hounded by the media, Caitlyn was struggling to maintain some sense of privacy.

"TRANSGENDER Is Not a Big Part For DIVORCE" Caitlyn Jenner Says

She faced challenges with her transition in a lighter footnote. The famous spelling which she didn’t go with, Caitlym opened up with a name. The name was in her list already which Caitlyn said, and when Caitlyn’s assistant suggested a name, it locked it in.

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