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Trump Supporter Punches Man in the Face for Playing ‘F*** Donald Trump’

A video had gone viral on social media of a Trump Supporter punching a man in the face for playing YG’s anti-Trump ‘FDT’ outside of Buc-ee’s in Denton, Texas.

The video had featured the Trump supporter in the victim’s face, telling him to put out FDT that was on repeat. Upon not having things go his way, the supporter had dealt the victim a blow that got the victim on the pavement. The culprit with his friends had left after being threatened by onlookers who said to call the police.

The Chief of Police, Denton Police Department, Frank Dixon had reported via a Tweet of they being aware of the assault, which first reached them through a call placed through at 12:40 pm. And they had started searching to identify the culprit, asking the public for help.

Justice really did come to light as the Police Chief later tweeted of the arrest of the suspect, urging the public to read their press release. According to this release, the suspect is a 44-year-old man, named Jason Lata. He is currently in the city of Denton jail but has been put up for bail at $15,000.

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