Tupac Shakur – Hip Hop Legend

Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur died at age twenty-two from a self-inflicted bullet wound he sustained in a drive by on a Las Vegas Strip. Rapper Tupac Shakur died from multiple bullet wounds to his chest and stomach. After being shot many times in an unprovoked drive by attack on a Las Vegas Strip, rapper Tupac Shakur fell into a medically induced coma, was under a medically induced comatose state for six months and died of severe internal bleeding.

Tupac’s death was initially ruled a suicide but it has been widely accepted that the young man was murdered. The circumstances surrounding his death were as mysterious as the rapper himself. The death was ruled a suicide by a pathologist who said that Tupac’s cause of death was ruled “probable” (though this conclusion has been widely criticized). Tupac was cremated and his ashes are being scattered over a portion of California; however, the whereabouts of his body are still unknown.

Tupac was a hip hop legend. He made a name for himself with numerous hit songs such as “Changes,” “Hit ‘Em Up,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” “Real Sad Truth,” and many more. Hip hop listeners around the world were introduced to the mysterious and inspirational Tupac during his brief career as an artist and it is only fitting that his life is immortalized in hip hop music.

Tupac Shakur is best known as a member of the group, The Notorious B.I.G., which became one of the most popular hip hop groups in the 1980s. Tupac’s lyrics touched upon a variety of topics including his struggles with his personal and political issues. One of his most well-known songs, “Hail Mary,” addressed a suicide attempt in the song’s chorus; the song ended with Tupac’s suicide attempt being botched. He was found dead on the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip. Despite the controversy surrounding his death, Tupac’s fans have stood behind the rapper and continue to enjoy his music and lyrics.

Tupac Shakur also had a successful recording career in the early part of his career. His hits include “Can I Kick It,” “Real Quiet Down,” “Hypnotize,” and “Real Nasty.”

Tupac Shakur’s legacy is alive and well and will always be remembered. His tragic death is yet another tragic story that will never be forgotten.

One of the most interesting aspects of Tupac Shakur’s life is his involvement with acting. In one of his last public appearances, the singer was seen performing at an opening for the movie, “The Great Gatsby.”

Tupac Shakur was a true artist and hip hop lover, and his legacy will live on. As his mother, Tina Shakur, told him many years ago, “When I’m gone, my son will be like my grandchild. But until then, I want you to know that my love for you will never fade.”

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