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Katie Price Feared That She Will Die or Lose Both Legs

Katie Price was almost dead and feared losing her both legs after falling from a height of 25 Feet.

Katie Price Feared That She Will Die or Lose Both Legs

The incident was a slight horror for her. It incident happened in July 2020.
Katie Price narrated this horrific full moment. She broke over a small wall on vacation.

Only to fall 25 feet and break her both feet. After this incident, in her first interview, “The Sun” she revealed that she feared that she would not walk again.
But now she is Priory because of trauma. Katie Price was at the theme park with her new boyfriend Carl Woods, and her kids Junior and Princess, when this accident took place.

She had a few drinks and was walking around. Katie says, I never drink again, and I wasn’t even that fucked.
Katie said: “We were all laughing. It was just a little wall with flowers on top, and I thought it was the same height on the other side, but it was a 25-foot drop. I landed on my feet, and it was like cement. I tried to get up and couldn’t.

“Then that pain just hit my legs, and I scream, My legs! My legs!”

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