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Victoria Beckham’s Kids Think’s As Their Mom Was ‘So Cool’ In The 90s!!!

The fashion designer and the Spice Girl star who has four children Harper, 9, Cruz, 15, Romeo, 18, Brooklyn, 21, along with her husband David Beckham, said that her children’s were sending pictures of her, which were from back 1990s and they were saying that she ‘was so cool.’

Victoria Beckham's Kids Think's As Their Mom Was 'So Cool' In The 90s!!!

Victoria told ‘The Sunday Time’s Style Magazine’: ”It’s funny, my kids have been sending me pictures of myself from the 90s. Saying, ‘Mum, you were so cool!’ Thought I was cool … Not so sure what they think now.”

Victoria revealed previously that she was “really proud” for her sons.

The Spice Girl star said: “I feel really proud of our boys because they are turning out to be really good men. They work hard and they’re kind, and being kind is key now. I think everybody should be kind – there are so many horrible things going on in the world. With regards to the boys they always have to have respect for themselves, for others, for girls. Our boys have always had the utmost respect for everyone. They have always been like that.”

And while talking in a YouTube video she also mentioned: “Being a mum is the most important job in the world. I love what I do professionally and I take it very seriously but there is nothing more serious than having children. It’s your responsibility to bring up really good, good people so I take that responsibility seriously. I try to be the best mum, I try to be the best wife, and I try and be the best professional.”

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