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Why Is KIM KARDASHIAN Boycotting Facebook And Instagram?

Kim Kardashian has joined a recently growing of celebrities who are taking a step forward for boycott Instagram and Facebook.

Why Is KIM KARDASHIAN Boycotting Facebook And Instagram?
Kim is a celebrity who has joined the group of celebrities boycotting Facebook and Instagram…(Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP via Getty Images/CNN)

The reality show star tweeted for preventing misinformation and the hate speech for her protest; she writes, “I can’t sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation – created by groups to sow division and split America apart.”

A number of celebrities along with the Kardashian west are coming forward to participate in the #StopHateforProfit Campaign which is organised by the ‘civil rights activists.’

Why Is KIM KARDASHIAN Boycotting Facebook And Instagram?
© Photo: AP / Charles Sykes, AFP / Kazuhiro Nogi

The growing which includes stars like Sacha Baron Cohen, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, are going to refrain from posting anything on their social media accounts, and it is scheduled from Wednesday, 16 September.

But the question still arises why the celebrities are freezing accounts?

‘Stop Hate For Profit’ which was launched in June, says they are “looking to hold social media companies accountable for allowing ‘hate on their platforms.'”

Chorley Guardian says, “Stop Hate For-Profit demands that the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram “prioritise people over profit”, citing the role which Facebook played in a shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during which two demonstrators were shot dead.” 

Calls made by the self-styled militia was reportedly responded by suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, on Facebook the Kenosha Guard, to defend the streets of the city which were recently experiencing protest for the waking up for the unarmed black man which shooting by police.

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